Helen Mirren “Body Of The Year”

66 year old Helen Mirren has been voted to have the Body Of The Year in a recent poll.  Here are the top ten men and women.  (just a side note, the British did very well)


1.  Helen Mirren

2.  Elle MacPherson

3.  Kelly Brook

4.  Jennifer Lopez

5.  Cheryl Cole

6.  Myleene Klass

7.  Holly Willoughby

8.  Pippa Middleton

9.  Kate Winslet

10.  Nicole Scherzinger


1.  David Beckham

2.  Daniel Craig

3.  Johnny Depp

4.  Brad Pitt

5.  Peter Andre

6.  David Hasselhoff

7.  Rafael Nadal

8.  Ryan Reynolds

9.  Robbie Williams

10.  Simon Cowell

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