Alligator Caught In Manhattan

MANHATTAN, Kansas (AP) — A stray alligator has a new home at Sunset Zoo in Manhattan after animal control officers wrangled the reptile off a curb earlier this week.

The 3-foot-long gator was delivered to the zoo on Wednesday, one day after it was spotted on a residential street just west of Kansas State University.

Zoo director Scott Shoemaker describes the alligator as fairly young, since adults can grow up to 12 feet long.

It’s illegal to own alligators in Manhattan.

Shoemaker says the homeless one was probably an example of people not knowing what to do with an exotic pet as it grows larger.


  • frankinsalina

    An alligator in KS. Huh? KDWP claims there are no mountain lions in KS, so the zoo may want to ask them if it’s really an alligator!!